Life In The Fast Lane

So, I’ve mentioned that I teach High Speed and Tactical Driving for my full time job. I figured I might share some videos of what that looks like. 

Here’s some links from where students filmed portions of their training and posted them on YouTube. 

This one is me teaching / coaching a student as he drives during the high speed portion of training. 

This is me driving. We call it a hot lap. A bunch of G Force Junkie drifting. The guy in front of me gets a flat tire at one point and I have to avoid him by going off road. 

This is a clip of one of our attack scenarios on the track. We chase them after the attack occurs to induce stress and make them have to deal with the adrenaline and not overdrive the vehicle. I’m the chase car. 🙂

This shows how we teach guys to ram through vehicles. 

Hope you enjoy the videos! I love to share what I do with people! 


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