Flash Fiction (A Day Late) and Teaser Tuesday (2 Days Early)

Stitched Smile Publications

Hey all! My flash fiction for the week is a teaser piece for a current work-in-progress. This is the opening scene. Hope y’all like it!

Where the Gods Sleep

November 1

 I feel compelled to record the dream I had last night, perhaps simply to solidify the account before it fades or, more likely, because I am driven by some obsessive need to validate what I saw…no, what I experienced; for it was more than some figment of my imagination or the mere product of chemicals reacting badly to some food I ate. No, what I encountered was indescribably palpable, more lucid than reality itself; Concrete, not abstract in the least. 

 I found myself in a wasteland which seemed to stretch into infinity; vast plains with rocky hills and edifices spotted by occasional solitary mountains protruding into the grey sky. Except it wasn’t really a sky. I could…

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