Uncanny – A Movie Review



Movie Synopsis – Joy, a female investigative journalist, who specializes in reporting on high tech / scientifically advanced topics goes to the home of an inventor, David, whose work is funded by an outside entity that allows him nearly unlimited resources to perfect his projects. His most recent endeavor is a ground-breaking leap into humanoid robots with extremely advanced AI systems. The robots name is Adam. Joy has to get to know Adam to do her research article and along the way draws close to David as well during their discussions of what it took to create Adam. But will the AI become jealous when his creator steals the affections of his newly found friend?

This movie was absolutely fabulous. It’s pacing is perfect. Not a slow burn but not in  a rush. It focuses on the relationships and so you find yourself scrutinizing the characters’ interactions, each and every word and nuisance. I found it immensely engaging in this aspect. You can get lost in assessing the minutiae. Seeing Adam develop as an AI when exposed to a female entity for the first time and how he appears to try and understand the male / female dynamic more by searching the internet for different shows, from romantic to porn, was a hoot.

I don’t want to say too much beyond this, because there are some big twists; one of which I guessed and but others I did not. But everything made perfect sense. The one I guessed wasn’t due to them revealing anything that gave it away either. Around a third to half way through, I just randomly thought to myself that if I was writing this story i would blindside the reader by doing ‘X’ and damn if they didn’t do it. Which was awesome!

Anyway, if you like Sci-Fi, and particularly if you like Sci-Fi dealing with AI and robots like Bladerunner, West World, Automata, Chappie, Nemesis, etc, but with a focus on fine tuning interaction between humans and AI and you want to see the potential issues explored that will very soon become quite real in our own lifetimes,  then watch this movie. It’s on Netflix in the US. Get it while you can.


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