Book Review – Mannequin Man and the Plastic Bitch by Tim Lebbon

Holy Hell!!! What an intoxicating, sense-assaulting, rapturous roller coaster ride through a future so freaking bleak and depraved that love couldn’t possibly win out in such a world.

Could it?

And that’s the question you will find answered in this pipe-bomb of a novella. Hell, more like a missile carrying multiple nuclear warheads, cause the cataclysmic explosions of action, violence, extravagant degeneracy and raw emotion just keep coming one after another all the way until the end. The imagery Tim crafts is nothing short of magnificent in both its scale and detail. He paints a future that goes beyond anything Cyberpunk that I’ve ever read. Something far more nihilistic, far more societally transformative, something entirely consumed by the meaningless of an existence that cannot hold its head aloft any longer to enjoy the beauty of life but instead has spiraled further and further downward into an abyss of deviancy and corruption so deep the weight of its own atmosphere is like the ocean depths, crushing the reader with every sentence read.

But in this heart of hopelessness a Mannequin man (artificial person) named Tom has suddenly found love. A viral program installed in him years before by a scientist and friend who wished that one day it would result in him experiencing love has finally found its fruition in the oddest of places, in the arms of Honey, the Plastic Bitch (an artificial prostitute).

But does Honey love him as well? Can she? And when they run from her pimp, Hot Chocolate Bob, can they truly escape to find a life of their own or are all their efforts at love and freedom just a supernova of pointless futility as this story careens maddeningly toward a violent end?

Read it. I don’t care whether you like Horror, SciFi, Thrillers or whatever. READ IT. This story, despite its glaringly dystopian setting, is a story of all mankind, our weaknesses, our lusts, our failed attempts at meaning and where that can lead us, and most of all about our unquenchable crusade to love and be loved against all odds and all materialistic beliefs that say such things don’t exist within mere atoms in a chaotic universe.

I hope I’ve managed to give some semblance of the glory and greatness of this story. It’s one of those that is so friggin brilliant in both concept and execution you really wish you had written it yourself. Just bloody brilliant and powerful. It connected with me in an absolutely visceral fashion. I’m in awe, Tim.  Best thing I’ve read hands down in a long time. And I’ve read some really good books. Now, if you’ve stayed with me this long. Go buy it and read it!

Available on Amazon in Ebook at the link below for $2.99. 70 pages.


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